Podcasts and videos about Ana/baptist Münster

Podcasts and videos about Ana/baptist Münster

I’m compiling links to popular portrayals of the siege of Münster. I’ll update this post from time to time

WARNING: Be aware that most interpretations of Ana/baptist rule in Münster are based far too uncritically on the accounts of enemies. If you listen to these podcasts, please remember to practice the best habits of critical and historical thinking.

Cover of Dan Carlin, “Prophets of Doom,” Hardcore History, episode 48 (2013)


Amsterdamnified! A new research project

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has just awarded Michael Driedger (Brock University) and Gary K. Waite (University of New Brunswick) a five-year Insight Grant for their research program “Amsterdamnified! Religious Dissenters, Anti-Providential Ideas and Urban Associationalism in the Emergence of the Early Enlightenment in England and the Low Countries, 1540-1700.” For more details, please visit the project website.