“Anabaptist,” Mennonite and Doopsgezind Women in Early Modern Dutch history (ca. 1570-1800)

The basic message of this post is: Check out the Vrouwenlexicon!!! There are lots of fascinating details here about the lives of “Ana/Baptist” women before 1800. Look below the line for more details.

Updated: 1 June 2022.



The list below is derived from the Digitaal Vrouwenlexicon van Nederland (http://resources.huygens.knaw.nl/vrouwenlexicon). So far (by my count), it includes 35 profiles of noteworthy women for the period from about 1570-1800 who are related to Mennonite history, broadly defined. Most of these are of women from wealthy families. Much more on this subject can be said. For now, this is a preliminary list that is meant to start more research.

NOTE: This list is incomplete. To this point (26 May 2022) I have constructed it from women who appear in a search in the Vrouwenlexicon database for those who fit the search term “Doopsgez*”. This term will find many “Ana/Baptist” and Mennonite women. An example of a woman who is missing from this list is *** Agatha Deken ***.

June 1: Some further women who should or could be of interest for researchers in “Ana/Baptist” history in this era are:

One of the women in modern Dutch Mennonite history that I would like to highlight is

Among the reasons Van Eeghen is important is that she did so much to highlight the accomplishments of early modern Dutch book culture, including Mennonite book production.

Besides I.H. van Eeghen, there are so, so many women who stand out for the period after 1800 in “Ana/Baptist” history! Check out the Vrouwenlexicon!!!