Mennonite Book Ownership: Evidence from Early Modern Dutch Book Sales Catalogues

Updated: 30 Dec. 2022

Below is a list of Dutch Doopsgezind-Mennonites whose estates created auction catalogues of books. The source is Books Sales Catalogues of the Dutch Republic, 1599-1800 ( The purpose for collecting these names is my ongoing research on early modern Dutch Mennonite cultural history. I have not yet had a chance to analyze any of these catalogues, but I have written about another one from Germany (published in the 1999 edition of the Mennonitische Geschichtsblätter). You can find a pre-publication version of the essay at


Other possible names are listed in Ruud Lambour, “Het boekenbezit van Amsterdamse Doopsgezinden uit de Gouden Eeuw,” Doopszgezinde Bijdragen 40 (2014), 158, n. 5: