Two-Eyed Seeing Applied to 16th-Century History and to Astronomy (with New / Medieval Perspectives on Animal Rights) (#podcastpairings)

This post connects two recent programs from CBC Radio’s Ideas series that provide very helpful Indigenous perspectives on the history of encounters between Indigenous Americans and Europeans in the early modern era, and on the reorientation of knowledge about astronomy.

For more on the concept of two-eyed seeing, a concept from Mi’kmaw learning, see resources from the Institute for Integrative Science and Health.

Two Eyes and Jigsaw Pieces

Two Eyes and Jigsaw Pieces (Source: Institute for Integrative Science and Health, Cape Breton University)

Two-eyed seeing encourages a productive dialogue between Indigenous and Western knowledge systems.

For me as a specialist on early modern European adult baptizers and their political cultures, it is helpful to see the world from new points of view. Another recent podcast has helped me think about animals as legal agents in new ways by highlighting how the jurist Bartolomé de Chisanu / Chezzanu defended the rights of animals in medieval courts. Listen to Duke University historian Gabriel Rosenberg on Hi-Phi Nation, 18 April 2023, “Living in a Zoopolis.”